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Cube Lighting & Design

Cube Lighting & Design

LED Lighting Supplier

Cube Lighting & Design are passionate about offering you solutions to suit your exact requirements. If you need a higher lumen output, ower wattage, specific chips or drivers and increased CRI. We endeavor to work along side you and our manufacturing team to have this made for you. We work together on costs to ensure the product is still affordable and will offer you a sustainable R.O.I.

Our survey team will come along to your site, nationwide and conduct a survey of your existing lighting and associated costs. We can also do this from an electrical building schematic to minimize disruption . From this we can draw up a savings report to identify where you will save. This report outlines your current lighting costs, the LED lighting costs, the project cost which will then generate a payback time for you. It will also show you; carbon emission reductions (tonnes).

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