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Lowbays ,
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Strip lights
T8 replacements

Frequently Asked Questions

Were here to help, need any question answer on LED Lighting?
Here we answer some of the most asked questions here at Cube lighting & Design

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How much does it cost to change to LED Lighting
With the Carbon Trust Scheme it can be cash neutral in that as a business it will not cost you any more in any given month with the cost of goods being offset by the saving in electric cost
How Long do LED Lights last?
LED Lights are a relatively new technology when it comes to Lighting so its hard to say in real application. In the lab LEDS average around 50,000 Hours, however its the driver that will normally fail before hand.
What is LED LIghting?
LED Lighting is a revolutionary new lighting technology using Light Emitting Diodes.  Rather than traditional lighting using 90% of the electricity for heat and 10% for light, LED lighting has flipped this to 90% light and 10% heat. This results not only in a massive reduction in electric use but a vast improvement on lifespan.
How much money can LED Lighting save me?
The all important question for most, whilst it is hard to say how much you save as it all depends on your lighting requirements.  A typical saving would be based upon a percentage as on average in domestic savings of 67% & commercial 54%
Do you Supply & install?
Yes we do! We can project manage from initial concept through to design > supply & final install. We can supply To ECA specification with many Carbon Trust approved projects.
I dont know what I need, can you help?
Yes of course! We have Experienced Lighting designers & Industry Experts here to help. we believe in supplying useful information not only on our products but LED lighting in general. We feel the more accurate information you have, the better informed decision you will make which builds trust.

““Slimline, plug and play and very powerful”



“Quick and easy to install, great light output and affordable too”



Perfect replacement for our warehouse, very impressed with the colour and light!”



“Long lasting, four years on and it’s still as bright”



“Impressed with the fittings and the service, we look forward toworking with you a lot more”



“It’s a cleaner, brighter light and I’m delighted we converted to led”



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