LED Corn Lamp

LED Corn Lamp

Coming as standard with 5 years warranty. These Corn Lamps are great and simply unscrewing the old fitting and inserting this one. As simple as that! A good rule of thumb is not to have these inside a closed fitting as heat dispersion is the most important aspect of these lights. Instant on and off cycle so you never need to wait on your lights again. Pair this with a PIR sensor for even more reductions in energy use, improvement in health & safety and a reducing your carbon footprint.

Available in 3 Colour tempatures in cool white that has a blueish tint for a very sterile and clinical feel, this is suited for bathrooms, washrooms, surgeries. Natural white that mimics natural sunlight is a great all rounder suitable for rooms that doesn’t have any direct sunlight. Lastly we have warm white that has a yellowish tint which is great for creating a warming mood thats perfect for domestic use such as living rooms and bedrooms.

Dimmable and emergency options available

Product is a available with a dimmable driver that allows the light to dim down to your taste and requirements. Emergency back-up battery is available on this product and all our products that allows the light to operate for at least 3 hours when the electricity to the light stops in case of a power-cut or fire.

Bespoke Options

While we do our best to stock a wide range of products, we offer a bespoke option to cater for all your needs such as RGB, Dali drivers , white frame or different colour tempature. Please note there will be a slightly longer lead time to design, test and product the new specification.

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