LED Tri-proof light

Tri proof LED Light

Coming as standard with 5 years warranty. These LED Tri-proof IP 68 available in a range of sizes. Replacing pll lamps, these easy to install 2D LED plates are a great way to switch over to LED lighting.

Available in  cool white that has a blueish tint for a very sterile and clinical feel, this is suited for bathrooms, washrooms, surgeries.

Available with a free lighting audit to discuss how much you could save and how long it would take for the lights to pay for themselves!*

*Cost of light against the savings in electricity compared to previous fitting. 


Dimmable and emergency options available

Product is a available with a dimmable driver that allows the light to dim down to your taste and requirements. Emergency back-up battery is available on this product and all our products that allows the light to operate for at least 3 hours when the electricity to the light stops in case of a power-cut or fire.

Bespoke Options

While we do our best to stock a wide range of products, we offer a bespoke option to cater for all your needs such as RGB, Dali drivers , white frame or different colour tempature. Please note there will be a slightly longer lead time to design, test and product the new specification.

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