LED Tri-proof light 3ft


2,850 Lumens


Is the unit of measurement of how bright the light is, dont be confused with LUX which how much light hits a surface.



110° Beam Angle

This is the angle degree in which the light spreads out. For example a torch , it has a very small beam angle ( 6-15) that focuses the light in a very tight cone whereas a flood would have a very wide spread ( 140)

30 Watts


This is the power consumption of the light, it might look a lot smaller than usual, dont worry thats just the power of LED lighting.


NW - Colour Temp

Colour Temperature is the colour of the light.

Natural white is 3500k-5000k





60mm * 80mm * 975mm


Product Code:





This is fitting can come as dimmable as optional.

80 CRI

is the Colour Rendering Index which is like the quality of light. Think of it as a percentage of the full colour spectrum. 100 would have 100% of accurate colour rendering whereas cri of 60 would have slightly washed out colours due to only have 60% of the spectrum.

Percentage of Electric usage for the same light output versus comparable technologies.

  • Son Lamps 100% 100%
  • LED Tri-proof 50% 50%

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